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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
A permenant PCS Family Trucking branch is established and runnin contracts in Europe.
Westy, originally from Europe, goes home to oversee Euro operations and contracts.
We have two promotions to celebrate. Plowboy8800 is our newest Contract Manager. Outlawjohn is now the Communications Manager. Congrats Brothers.

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 What truck should I Buy?

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PostSubject: What truck should I Buy?   Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:15 am

Starting off you just get the fastest truck you can afford and a c.b. Run some short routes to build up some cash. You can take out a loan from the bank which is in your driver menu to help you get the next truck a little quicker. Just click on Banking located in your driver menu to your left. When you can afford it buy the 1989 Volvo WIA64T. A little faster and greater cargo capacity. Next up, the 1997 Kenworth W900. Now you are starting to roll pretty good. When you can afford it put some fresh tires on it. You should be close or at a Driver Rating of 10 by now. Save your cash to buy your first endorsement the double trailer. I drove this truck for quite a while. This is the first truck I put the upgrades on. Air filter fuel filter fuel injectors tire chains aluminum wheels and high gear ratio. Just buy them as you can afford it.

When selling your truck:

Always repair it first. This increases the value greatly.

Next go to the purchase items menu sell any items that say Item sells with truck. Just click on the green dollars to the left to do this. Any item that says Item stays with driver you get to keep for your next truck. i.e. tool box tire chains etc.

All items you buy for your truck will depreciate with time so choose wisely.

These are not set in stone. some people like different rigs. This is just a guideline to help you get started.

Hope this helps you. If you have any questions send myself or any of the experienced drivers on the team a message.

Roll on and have fun.
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What truck should I Buy?
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