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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
A permenant PCS Family Trucking branch is established and runnin contracts in Europe.
Westy, originally from Europe, goes home to oversee Euro operations and contracts.
We have two promotions to celebrate. Plowboy8800 is our newest Contract Manager. Outlawjohn is now the Communications Manager. Congrats Brothers.

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 Game Terminologies

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PostSubject: Game Terminologies   Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:34 pm

Fatigue Point or FP: every time you click next leg on your route dashboard you get an fp. It is equal to one hour real time. You can safely drive to 10 fps. You can refuel or repair if needed at 10 fps without risking a ticket or falling asleep at the wheel and crashing your truck.

Driver Rating or DR: This is the key stat to progress in this game. Your dr increases every time you complete a route. The increase in dr can be calculated using this formula, route miles x .0003 i.e. 1667 miles x.0003=.5001 dr increase. This the max increase in a 24 hour period. As your dr increases so does your ability to haul more cargo. Don't be late or no dr increase.

Quick Rest or QR: This option allows you to buy 2 extra hours of driving per day for $100.00 bucks. If you can afford it use it.

When you start you can haul 40,000 lbs. When you hit dr milestones of 10,25,50,and 100 your hauling capability increases 5,000 lbs. for each. Haul more weight make more money.

Efficiency or EFF: This lets you know how you are doing in the game. This is calculated by dividing your dr by the number of days in the game. i.e. dr 214.65 divided by 542 days played = .396 eff or .396 dr per day average.

Just getting started please add any useful info that I missed.

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Game Terminologies
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