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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
A permenant PCS Family Trucking branch is established and runnin contracts in Europe.
Westy, originally from Europe, goes home to oversee Euro operations and contracts.
We have two promotions to celebrate. Plowboy8800 is our newest Contract Manager. Outlawjohn is now the Communications Manager. Congrats Brothers.

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 Saftey Equipment

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PostSubject: Saftey Equipment   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:34 pm

These items will help out in those not so great weather conditions.

Warning Lights- $630.00 with PCS discount. These bright yellow strobing lights let other drivers know you are haulin thru the rain, fog, sleet, and snow. They reduce the chance of a bad weather accident by 8%. And they sell with the truck.

Tire Chains- $1080.00 with PCS discount. Looks like the road is covered in ice and snow. Better down shift and run 45 mph in a 60 zone. Oh wait, stop and put these chains on the tires, and roll on. They reduce your chances of a bad weather accident by 8%, and raises your Max Bad Weather Speed 5 mph. Stays with driver.

Fog Lights- $1350.00 with PCS discount. Can't see past the nose of your truck? Put these bright low riden fog lights on the front of your truck and you're good to go. Reduces the chances of bad weather accidents by 10% and raises max bad weather speed by 5%. Sells with truck

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Saftey Equipment
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