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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
A permenant PCS Family Trucking branch is established and runnin contracts in Europe.
Westy, originally from Europe, goes home to oversee Euro operations and contracts.
We have two promotions to celebrate. Plowboy8800 is our newest Contract Manager. Outlawjohn is now the Communications Manager. Congrats Brothers.

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 Driver Equipment

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PostSubject: Driver Equipment   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:21 am

This is a list of the items you purchase that stays with ya know matter what truck you sell or buy.

CB Radio- $270.00 with PCS discount. A 100 channel CB Radio that allows you to talk to other drivers in the game. It also helps reduce your chances of gettin a speeding or overweight ticket by 10%. A must have item.

GPS Navigation- $450.00 with PCS discount. Supported by Google Map, this device will show you your route. Shows you where you started from and gives you a blue line illustrating your route to you destination. It's not functional when driving from the US to Mexico. That's the only draw back. Has the option of viewing your route in regular map, satalite, and Hybrid functions. Fully zoomable and panable. Good investment for the steady hauler.

Radar Detector- $720.00 with PCS discount. This bird dog will reduce your chances of a speeding ticket by 30%, but, if ya get popped, because you have it on your dash you pay an extra 10% for the ticket. Use at your own risk.

Tool Box- $1080.00 with PCS discount. Why wait till you get to a terminal to save a little extra on your RMFs. This little red tool box will cut the cost of your repairs an additional 5%. It maybe pricey to purchase, even with the family discount, but it pays for it self in about 3 to 5 hauls.

Frequent Flyer Discount- $675.00 with PCS discount. Flying from continent to continent can be helpful on big contracts, but it can get costly. This item here helps cushion the blow on those air fairs to your pocket book. It gives ya a 25% discount on your airline tickets. If you are a driver with a big pocket, and want to maximize your load count on a contract, this is a must have item.
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Driver Equipment
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