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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
A permenant PCS Family Trucking branch is established and runnin contracts in Europe.
Westy, originally from Europe, goes home to oversee Euro operations and contracts.
We have two promotions to celebrate. Plowboy8800 is our newest Contract Manager. Outlawjohn is now the Communications Manager. Congrats Brothers.

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 Three guys, a million dollars, and a brotherhood

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PostSubject: Three guys, a million dollars, and a brotherhood   Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:23 pm

A little over a year ago two friends both workin for other companies decided to start a small company, never consisted of more then just the two of them. They set out with one goal, make a million dollars. They started runnin the smallestest contracts available, then once they built up the personal bank to fly, they started runnin contracts on all three continents, and completed the majority. In the process of building the till, they ended up building massive personal banks.

Around 65 days ago, the man who started the company Chickenfoot Express, decided since his partner and him had reached their million dollar goal, he was going to slow down, and soon set inactive. His partner decided to continue makin the company money for a while and then started lookin for a young company to help get to that million dollar goal.

I had just left MTA Worldwide and open the doors on my first company, PapaBear Haulin & Transport. I was on channel 19 talkin to a couple friends and Cookieman saw me talkin. I got this PM from him sayin, "Hey, I'm over at a company by myself, the buddy of mine that was with me quit playin awhile back. I'd be happy to come over there and help out."

His first day with us he told me to set his collection to 50% and his assists to 0%'s. I personally thought a 500 some day driver walking away as CEO or VP off a company he'd banked $500,000 into was weird, then to see him offer to do that, have to admit, I was a little scared. But, I brought him on. It was long after that a couple rougue drivers screwed PBH&T International, by then with the hiring of Westy, he suggested startin a company called PBH&T International Reborn.

Cookieman started Reborn, and he became VP as soon as I came over. We eventually became PBH&T United Freight. We pushed and pushed and wasn't really gettin ahead on anything. Then one day, Cookie came to me with a million dollar question. He says, "If you had the chance to get a million dollar company, take it, would you?" At first I thought he was sayin he was leavin us. Then he said he meant all of us. His partner had offered to hand him Chickenfoot Express. I decided, sure why not let's give it a shot.

Sammy, who had gotten busy in real life and hadn't been on in over 60 days came on long enough to hire Cookie, and then steped out of management all together. I came over, and me and Cookie was back at the head of the table of the new company PCMB Family Trucking.

Then Cookie and I got to talkin and he brought somethin to my attention I'm sad to say, I overlooked. I wasn't given Sammy much credit for what he had done. Gave him plenty of thanks and mention, but no real credit. So, the last and final name change happened. We became PapaBear, Cookieman, Sammy ( PCS) Family Trucking.

Then we started workin to build the till back to a million. That's how we got to where we are. I appreciate all that you two have done for the family to be where we are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sammy and Cookieman.
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Three guys, a million dollars, and a brotherhood
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