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Da Cookieman joins the Million Miles Driven Club!!!!!!! Congrat's Cookie!!!!!!
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 Fatigue = HOS

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PostSubject: Fatigue = HOS   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:00 am

HOS, what is that? Hours Of Service. In the game each leg counts as 1 hour of game time. This is referred to by Fatigue and HOS. Most generally it is safe to run 10 HOS or fatigue points. After 10, there is a chance of a wreck or a ticket. So we try and keep the HOS, Fatigue to driven to 10, refuel ( raise Fat to 11) and repair ( raises fat to 12) then resting. For each point of Fatigue, it takes one hour of real life time to loose 1 point. If you have a fatigue of 12, at 1pm then it will take you untill 1am to be at 0 fatigue.

What if I'm on a fat of 10, my truck does 75 top speed, and I only need 41 miles to finish the route, can I go one more? The answer to this question is some what tricky. If you are a driver that has 5 HOS tickets in 30 days, the answer is no. The smokies watch for you to go one point past ten fat. But if you are a driver with no tickets at all or just one or two for 30 days, run that puppy in.

Do I have to wait till my Fat is at zero to drive again?
Absolutely not. If you want to run your fat to 10, wait an hour, do one leg, wait an hour, etc, that is fine. If you want to do one leg per hour thru out the day, then run ten legs right before you hit the bed, cool.

These are the most popular questions we get asked about fatigue. And I've given ya the best answers I can formed from personal expeirence.
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Fatigue = HOS
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